Ocean Biogeochemical Processes

We're at the EO Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, ( ) located in the city of Berkeley in the 'east Bay' region of San Francisco.

Jim Bishop joined the faculty of the department of Earth and Planetary Science at UC Berkeley in 2006. He remains affiliated with LBNL.

We've been very busy at sea since 2001 with ship campaigns in the Southern Ocean 2002, North Atlantic 2003, Pacific near Hawaii 2004, South Atlantic 2005, North Pacific 2005. North Atlantic 2008, North pacific 2009, Califonia coastal waters (2007, Oct 2010, May 2011, July 2011, September 2011. Please consult our 'at sea' pages for details.

The Carbon Explorers have been deployed in the Southern Ocean (2002), North Pacific (2001,2003) and North Atlantic (2003). Our new Carbon FLux Explorers have been deployed in 2007, 2010, and 2011 . 2011 is the first 6 week long test of these new observers designed to follow hourly variations of carbon sedimentation.

December 10 2001: The two robotic floats, called Carbon Explorers, operating in the north Pacific complete 8 months of continuous observation of ocean biomass vaiability on a day to day basis.

August 13-28 2001: Account of the R/V New Horizon Cruise to California Current Waters. Science beat article by Paul Pruess. (Part 1) ( Part 2)

April 10 2001: Two Robotic Floats for Monitoring Ocean Carbon Launched in the Pacific (Science beat article by Paul Pruess

July 26 1999: DOE Center for Research on Ocean Carbon Sequestration (DOCS) announced. Press Release .

Postdoctoral Position Opportunities

Our group hosts NOAA Climate and Global Change Postdoctoral Fellows. We're looking for candidates with strong interest in ocean carbon cycle dynamics.

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